Online training sessions on Adobe Connect - date and time schedule

This CCSK and Cloud Security course is a unique blended program. Part of that program is online instructor-led (synchronous) training. You will find a more detailed description of the program at

This page has up-to-date resources for access to the live online sessions and is a great one to bookmark in your browser. As a reminder, you will have access to all sessions and all recordings for the life of your CCSK exam token (which is 2 years).

Most sessions start at 4 pm Central Europe Time, which typically is 10 am New York time. You should get messages well ahead with the proper time (if you don't, let me know). See individual sections below for lists of recordings.

Session goals

The goal of the sprint sessions is to go through all the material top-down. It is NOT about reading many slides, but it is meant to be very interactive. You’d do well to go through at least part of the material in advance of the session and prepare your questions.

The goal of the focus sessions is to be a Q&A session between the sprint sessions, to keep you going and support you in your secure cloud adoption journey. These sessions are also accessible to students from some of my other programs.

The goal of the jumpstart session is to introduce you to the program. This is if you have any questions about how to get started on the program. There will not be much cloud security content in it.

In between those sessions, I will be watching all discussion areas and respond when needed.

Session timing

The next sprint will take place on 12, 14, 26, 27, 28 Oct 2021, (starts on Tuesday), for two hours every day. The next focus/workshop session is on 17 November 2021. All events start at 16:00 CET, which is 10 am New York time. Consider making space in your calendar half an hour before the online event. You can already log in, and you are likely to find an activity to work on, even if just to reflect on where you want the focus of the session to be, and to interact with other learners.

The planning for the next online sessions is as follows.

  • Sprint: 5 sessions between 12 and 28 October 2021
  • Jumpstart and focus/workshop session: 17 November 2021; Jumpstart for first-timers at 10:00 CET, workshop session at 16:00 CET. Session details will be announced by mail.
  • Sprint: 14-23 December 2021
  • Jumpstart and focus: January 2022
  • Sprint: February 2022
  • Jumpstart and focus: March 2022
  • Sprint: April 2022

CCAK and live sessions are also being planned as we exit the pandemic.

The sprint sessions are 2 hours a day (with a 5-minute break) and the focus sessions all last about 90 minutes. The Jumpstart sessions will be adapted to the audience's requirements.

Session links

The Adobe Connect session links are as follows (Adobe login required, provided to learners):

Jumpstart / Sprint day 1 / Sprint day 2 / Sprint day 3 / Sprint day 4 / Sprint day 5.

All of these have multiple recordings, which you can find at the end of the respective sections: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

For CCAK sessions look here.