5 day online program

The five day online sprints, which are part of this program, roughly look like this.

In between the sessions you should review this LMS and optionally work on the exercises.

If you want to do the exam quickly after these sessions, you should keep up and you may need to budget several additional hours per day.

Session 1


  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Quiz
  • Discussion of optional items
  • Feedback round

Session 2

  • Review previous session
  • Infrastructure for Cloud Computing
  • Quiz
  • Review of exercise opportunities
  • Feedback and wrap up.

Session 3

  • Review previous session
  • Risk and governance, including compliance and legal issues.
  • Quiz
  • Feedback

Session 4

  • Review previous session
  • Application and data security, including ID mgt and encryption
  • Quiz
  • Feedback

Session 5

  • Review previous session
  • Operations and security as a service, cloud application areas
  • Exam and exam preparation
  • Review and evaluation
  • Next steps