Pre-class v4 AWS setup instructions

Labs are part of the CCSK Plus bundle. If you have subscribed to that you will have access to the lab units. Here is the right moment to get started on the labs. If you have not subscribed to CCSK Plus, you can still find a few other labs in this course.

All CCSK Plus labs are available on AWS and on Microsoft Azure (MSA). The labs serve to illustrate cloud security points that are relevant across cloud providers. The concepts in CCSK are also applicable to other cloud providers. Beyond that, CCSK also talks about SaaS providers.

For the full lab preparation you need access to CCSK Labs (, which is another course in this school and is included in CCSK Plus. With that, your link to it is

The labs require a laptop with a web browser that can access the Internet. You will need a personal account with AWS or MSA. The charges will be less than 1 dollar.

(The following text also holds for MS Azure labs.)

The AWS account requires a credit card. Don't re-use a company AWS account, although it is OK to use a company credit card (if you can).

It is important for the labs to be run on a clean account with full control (i.e. not an allowance on a corporate AWS account). This will give you full visibility in what your company will need to protect with cloud services. You must understand the security controls on that level. Don't leave that to somebody else.

Don't worry too much. Your credit card charges should be about one dollar or less. And even non-technical people can get through this, in my experience.

Finally, if you are concerned about AWS, consider this. The worries you have, and the process for assurance that you might follow are very similar to what your company should be concerned about.

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