Overview of the program

Congratulations on signing up for the CCAK Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge education program. Good to have you. It is a wise choice. This course contains additional material beyond the official courseware.

If you have not subscribed to the course yet, please visit https://www.clubcloudcomputing.com/ccak/.

The program has a few parts. 

There is a 'synchronous' online instructor-led part with presentations, discussions, and other learning activities. These last multiple hours, with a 5-minute break at the top of each hour.

  • The next course introductions start at October 17, 2024. Contact me for details.
  • A bonus companion course details how to audit PCI DSS on AWS and Azure. This is included in the package. Look here for more information on that bonus course.

These sessions run on Adobe Connect and will be recorded. Direct link to the AC session. You will receive your AC account separately. 

Then you will want to 'asynchronously' review the official study guide. Depending on your package, this will be provisioned through an ISACA voucher. See this page.

Finally, you can asynchronously interact with your fellow course participants in this course. This also serves as the repository for (additional) non-official courseware. 

An official sample exam question bank is also available. Again, depending on your package, this would be provisioned through a voucher. Once you have access, try to refrain from reviewing the questions before studying. You want to use them as tests of your knowledge.

BTW, I will give you unlimited future access to my online sessions on CCAK.

CCAK does require some cloud and cloud security understanding, preferably on the CCSK or CCSP level. 

If you have none of that, you might want to review my 'understanding CCSK' course. This is also on Teachable, and you should have access to it. If not, use this link to get it.

For a preview of this e-learning user interface, watch this brief YouTube video.

Any unanswered questions can be asked by replying to this mail or using the discussion areas in Teachable.

CCAK_Course Outline.pdf
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