Overview of the Secure Cloud Adoption Essentials course

Welcome to Secure Cloud Adoption Essentials

This course is developed to help IT service managers, power users, and process owners to organise and navigate the best approach to securely adopting cloud solutions. Leading to faster, safer and more cost effective cloud adoption.

NOTE: this is designed to be a self-paced course, but you might also be introduced to it as a companion to an in-company course, or other live event.

Cloud computing has surprisingly many moving parts, that are all interrelated, and navigating all the steps can be hard. And very few vendor neutral roadmaps are available. That is why I have developed, based on the experiences of many people, an 8 step roadmap.

This course has the following components.

  1. Why cloud? Why is it happening now? What are the business reasons for cloud computing?
  2. What is cloud? There are a few cloud concepts to explain so that we can better understand cloud value, risk and management.
  3. How? Roadmaps and maturity. Why and what are just the first steps in the roadmap. Here we present all the steps in the proper sequence, so that the dependencies are clear.
  4. Service and service chains. Cloud really is about professional service, so that is why we explain in more detail what makes a good service, and how we can engineer one.
  5. Strategic choices. Once we understand what the required service is, we can see that there are often a couple of strategic sourcing options.
  6. Technology and risk. We’ll pay attention to the main new technology in cloud, and in an extras section you can deep dive into some labs. We will also give an introduction in IT risk, as it applies to cloud computing.

This course requires no specific technical knowledge beyond a basic understanding of IT. It is vendor neutral, although there are examples of specific cloud providers.

You will also find a few sections with extra material, which you can use when you need more detail or examples.

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