Is this the program for you? Check the assumptions

This "Minimal GDPR" program is built on a number of assumptions.

If these assumptions are correct for your business, you will be able to adhere to the GDPR as good as reasonably possible. That means your contacts will be adequately protected, and your business will be adequately protected.

Here are the assumptions:

  1. you are alone, or have just a few employees/colleagues
  2. you don't store any sensitive data on people (such as race, sexual orientation, or a few other categories)
  3. you don't systematically collect massive amounts of data (think surveillance cameras)
  4. you are not a government organization

If you do not fit all the criteria, this program can still be useful, but you will need additional work.

Examples of organisations for which this is a great program include small businesses such as (but not limited to) coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, webshops, trainers, etc.

Though the program is primarily in English, I can speak, read and write Dutch, German and French as well, so we will be collecting specific information in those languages too.

Caveat: while the practices that we go through here will give you reasonable protection against IT risks and legal risks, there is no 100% guarantee.